1. mj greenlee

    Dear Akiba, the recipe sounds great. tO ME BAJABEAT, implies hot spots: to drink eat, dance, entertainers and have fun. I’d suggest a drink to accompany the dish, and a cantina to visit after the “appetizer or meal. If you want to do recipes, it’s always good to mention where to get lemon grass etc. I have often thought of food for an outing. Going to a movie: reflect the movie in the dinner. A western: chuckwagon vitals, love story candlelight, French cuisine etc. Great idea, keep up the good work

  2. gwen aldridge

    love the sound of this soup! and I’ve been wondering what to do with those frozen shrimp myself.

    can’t wait to try this. probably over the weekend.

  3. bruce

    i’ve been threatened by my wife who wants to cook this. i normally don’t like Thai food. i’ll make an exception here- this sounds amazing thanks

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