Welcome to Akiba at Baja Beat.  I live in Los Cabos, Baja Sur California, Mexico and I have a passion for food.  Before I moved to Los Cabos, I was fortunate to live in the San Francisco Bay area , the town of Healdsburg in the Sonoma County wine country, London and Amsterdam.  I cooked, organized and assisted in cooking classes with top chefs and wrote about food and wine for local newspapers.  I also worked for one of the top wine attorneys in the country (that’s another story).  Because of my passion for cooking, writing, eating and drinking, I am starting this blog so that I can share the diverse food scene of Los Cabos.  We have an array of choices from some of the best taco stands in Mexico, lovely little gem neighborhood cafes and glamorous world class restaurants.  I want to help inform the locals and the tourists about new chefs, new restaurants, new ideas, menus and more.  We have wonderful farmers markets and organic farms and I would like to inform my readers about what is being grown, what’s available week by week and what products are being offered.  I also plan to share recipes, tips, books and introduce you to the wonderful people who work in this field.

Contact me at:  akiba@bajabeat.com