1. Karen Ahlborn

    I am happy to be an inspiration! Also I would say to Alina-you would love the Shrub drinks at the fermentation bar!!
    Cindy’s last name is Daniel (no s) and can be found on the floor of the Shed most days. She is ever friendly and keeps her family’s connection to community strong through SHED. We are so lucky to have this in our town!

  2. Ayo

    Can I squeeze in on that hammock with you? I too would now like to live at the SHED. Wow what a magical place, I love what these new restaurants are doing and that they share their philosophy and secrets to success. Also looking forward to the new Flora Farms store, I will be replicating their watermelon, basil, mint, tequila this weekend and I’m going to try their jalapeno bitters with the grapefruit, tequila, ginger beer. I sound like an alcoholic LOL! Your posts are just getting better and better!

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