1. Beautiful jewelry! I am so going there when John and I come to cabo this fall! Is deb planning a trip down this summer? Give our love to our beautiful niece Ayo.
    new neighbors moved in who went to law school at pepper dine and their son is a second year student at peppermint who is doing the semester law program in London this fall..parents are both attorneys in dc.
    I will have to get their sons name.

    great blog and beautiful pictures that always inspire me to cook.
    love ya,

    • Akiba

      Thank you Elzora. We will have so much fun when you come down in the fall. Lots of places to eat, shop and cook. Let’s take a cooking class together??

  2. Ayo

    Such a great article, who knew Cabo had so many hidden gems! I want one of those headbands, we’ll have to try again the next time I visit!

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