1. gwen

    we got a lovely moon in LA…but not that great big ‘Cosimo’s Moon’ we were hoping for.

    Thai Soup was such a hit, i think i’m going to have to get on the Tortilla Pizza wagon post-haste. But Curry first. Definitely need to get through Asia before we hit the New World. Love ya!

    • Akiba

      My friend from Holland wrote me and said: I want to come to Cabo and sit on the beach eating Shrimp Curry, shopping at Maliparmi and Howl at the Moon.

  2. Ayo

    That’s actually a really nice super moon pic, I like it. That tortilla pizza is THE BOMB, I’ll have to try the greens on top next time.

    Hi Gwen! Not sure about the flat bread, sorry.

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