Simple Pay – Let Them Pay Your Mexican Bills Online and in English

I have been a local bank customer for 15 years and I have always paid my Mexican utilities through my checking account using their auto-pay.  Recently, I started having problems with my CFE not getting paid and my electricity has been shut off.  Also, my bank was not able to set up auto-pay for my cable tv bill.  I tried unsuccessfully twice to resolve these issues but to no avail.  I started looking at other solutions for paying my bills and remembered an article I read about Simple Pay.  I just started using it and it actually is surprisingly “SIMPLE” to set up.  This is a good option for paying your bills online; it is in English, easy to edit and easy to track your bills.

SP-400Simple Pay’s Mission is to simplify Expat’s lives who are living in Mexico full or part time.  Pay your bills online today with any checking account, debit or credit card.

  • SimplePay will you an email with your monthly statement and due date
  • You can pay your bills online after you receive your statement via email or set-up auto payment
  • SimplePay has national coverage, so regardless if your home is in Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, or Cancun, you can pay your bills through SimplePay.


You have a choice of Auto Pay or Manual Pay.  Just set up an account and get started:

  • Add your bills:  Electricity, Gas, Water, Phone, Cable and Property Taxes
  • For Manual Pay, add the bills you want to pay one time
  • For Auto Pay, add your recurring bills and select the plan – Monthly or Yearly
  • Setup the payment method and link your Bank Account, Credit Card or Debit Card

With the auto-pay version, just by providing Simple Pay with your bill’s information once, they will know the amount to pay, due date and can debit it directly from any checking account, credit or debit card. You will receive an email before your due date to confirm the payment every month.  Simple, and you’ll never have to worry again about your bills.

There is also an easy form to fill out if you need additional help. The form asks for the following information:

  • Best phone number to reach you – Area Code + Number
  • Best time to call you
    • 8am – 2pm (PST)
    • 2pm – 6pm (PST)
  • Any notes or comments?  Not required, but helpful if you need something other than setting up a new Mexico Bill Paying account.

Remember to have handy a copy of your bills OR the account number of each bill when they call you within 48 hours.

FirmaElectronicaSP-OscarOscar Herrera is the CEO and a serial entrepreneur who went to San Diego University.  I wrote to him to ask questions for my article and he called me back within a few hours and gave me some new information about what they are planning for the very near future.  They are preparing a video presentation to use at HOA meetings and you can also request that a representative answer questions at your meetings.

You can email Oscar with questions at:

Visit to learn more…AutoPay 1

There is another program that looks promising but I have not personally tried it yet:  SimpleHelp offers incredible benefits, all to give you peace of mind and assistance when you need it anywhere in Mexico – coverage in all 32 states. I also urge you to learn about SimpleHelp service – either to use it in the same PR or a different one

SimpleHelp Assistance Membership covers you in five main categories: medical, home, auto, legal, and travel. Each category comes with different inclusions free of charge or co-pay, which you can find in the Inclusions Table below.

Medical Assistance
Assistance Type Free of Charge Included Per Year
Doctor House Visit Consultation 2X
Bilingual Phone Doctor Consultation UNLIMITED
Bilingual Phone Doctor Assistance UNLIMITED
Bilingual Phone Vet Assistance UNLIMITED
Terrestrial Ambulance 2X
Aerial Ambulance DISCOUNTED RATE
Dental Cleaning & Check-up 2X
Visual Check-ups 2X
Clinic, Labs, Hospitals, & Specialist Referrals UNLIMITED
Home Assistance
Assistance Type Free of Charge Included Per Year
Plumber (Includes Labor & Parts) 2X
Electrician (Includes Labor & Parts) 2X
Locksmith (Includes Labor & Parts) 2X
Glazier (Includes Labor & Parts) 2X
Auto Assistance
Assistance Type Free of Charge Included Per Year
Roadside Assistance (Gas, Tire, Jumper Cables, Locksmith) 3X
Tow Truck Assistance 2X
Travel Assistance
Assistance Type Free of Charge Included Per Year
Bilingual Concierge UNLIMITED
Paid travel for Family Member in case of Emergency 1X
Full Repatriation Coordination DISCOUNTED RATE INCLUDED

For the full list of terms, inclusions and details, please visit SimpleHelp Terms & Conditions.