1. Akiba,
    Adryenn here. I can’t believe this is you and your thing, which is wonderful.
    I would love to connect with you. I am thinking about retiring and doing healing art, instead of the art of litigation. I would love to discuss my feature plans with you, and see you sometime soon if that works out.
    BIG hug and beams of love to you sweet girl,

  2. Tom

    I am going to make the chocolate cake for Christmas and the dogs and I are going to scoff the lot. Where can I get that brand of chocolate Akiba? In Mega?

    • Akiba

      Walmart carries it. I have one – you can take it to be sure you are getting the correct one. I have a better idea – do you want me to make it for you?

  3. tezabbottcabo

    We had a Christmas Ficus (Spelling) tree forever. I loved it until my kids finally rebelled.
    On a different note I love the Rosemary Olive Wreath!! Perfect!!!

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