1. Ayo ❤ Lindsey

    Would love to take an art class from a Master!! Great article, looking forward to seeing her gallery. I had to do a triple take to make sure those were paintings, very cool.

  2. Angelina Marie Paglino

    Hola Akiba! I hope you remember me. My friend Eric and I sat next to you and Faye at dinner our last night in Mexico City a few weeks ago. You left such an amazing impression on us both. I know you mentioned your daughter lives just a few blocks from me and I’d love to connect with her and obviously stay in contact with you. Your beautiful and nurturing spirit is salve for the soul. I love your writing in this space and fostering of the creative spirit. Much love.

    Angie Paglino


    • Akiba

      Dear Angie – of course I remember you and Eric. Thank you for your kind words. My daughter’s name is Ayo Lindsey. I will make the introduction and hopefully you can meet. Please stay in touch.

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